Hey there, It’s Slade here…

To be a great lover – you must be sexually dominant.

Here’s why:

Because women are sexually SUBMISSIVE…

Meaning they don’t wanna take control in the bedroom.

Therefore, us guys have to ‘step up’ and be the ones who are IN CHARGE in bed.

Trouble is…

Many guys have real issues being dominant.

There are 2 very different reasons for this:

1. Low testosterone

2. Societal brainwashing

Let’s talk about both in a bit more detail…

The simple truth is that if you have HIGH testosterone levels – being sexually dominant feels good.

It feels very NATURAL.

And, women LOVE you for it.

Societal brainwashing has conditioned men to believe that men and women are ‘the same’ and completely ‘equal.’

Yet, the truth is men and women are very different

As I said earlier – women are sexually submissive. And men are supposed to be sexually dominant.

But society has brainswashed men into acting like WIMPS in the bedroom, afraid to take control and lead their women.

Low Testosterone + Societal Brainwashing = men who
SUCK in bed.

High testosterone + healthy beliefs about women = mind- blowing s.e.x

Wanna boost your Testosterone and learn the truth about what women really want in bed?

If you do, here are some solid recommendations:

– Read Better In Bed. Because it’ll teach you what women really want and need in the bedroom. And, how to give it to them

– Drink 1 serving of Huge Load Formula a day

– Drink Man Tea daily

– Enjoy PSP 3 times a week or more

– Avoid processed food – particularly soy, MSG and Sugar

– Be carefully with your alcohol intake

– Don’t drink tap water

So there you have it…

If you Testosterone levels are low – being dominant is tough.

Just won’t feel right.

But, get your T Levels UP and being dominant will feel natural.

Assuming you have healthy beliefs about women.

To work on your beliefs – read Better In Bed

To bump up your T Levels – try HLF and PSP

Hope your week is going great.

And I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong




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