Paint Her Face Formula Review

How Do Porn Stars Blow Huge Loads
And Paint Her Face With Cum?
Review Plaster Her Face Formula PDF Olivier Langloispaint her face with semen PDF formula to Cum in her face review Olivier Langlois



The real secret?

They don’t.

In other words, they fake it most of the time.

If you’ve ever watched one of those skin flicks, you’ll notice many of the loads at the end of the scene appear so massive they seem unreal.

That’s because they are. We’ve all been fooled.

Yet interestingly, what a male performer can’t do in an adult film set, you actually can do in real life, with a real woman…

The Mongolian Secret Formula To Shooting Impressively Huge Loads…

You see, those big globby money shot in adult films is mostly the work of a realistic dildo with a pump inside that “ejaculates”… making it look like the male performer is unloading gobs of fake man juice in case he can’t “come” – insurance for the money shot.

It makes a lot of sense. Because when you think about it, using fake spunk relieves male performers of the pressure to bust a nut at the right time, in the right place, and in the right direction, which makes for a better climax in the end.

Are you disappointed that the adult industry has been fooling you with fake globs? Or are you relieved?

Maybe a mix of both?

Well, the truth is this. While porn stars can’t be counted on to hit the right amount of splooge at the right place and at the right time…

You actually can.

And that’s because you’re not under the glare of the camera to get it right ALL THE TIME. And you aren’t putting up with intense pressure where tens of thousands of production dollars hinge on your massive final “sticky moment”.

In fact, regaining your monster energy and blasting loads lasting for minutes (okay, maybe not that long) is a lot easier than you think.

And you’re going to learn the exact formula of how to do it here…

How To Enjoy Massive Loads, Epic Orgasms, And Faster Recovery Times!

We’re talking about shooting wave after wave of thick semen that lacquer her body and streak her hair… the kind that any male porn star will be proud of 😉

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Juicing Your Manhood Painting Her With Semen On Her Face Formula Review PDF Download By Olivier Langlois

Paint Her Face Formula Review

Paint Her Face With Semen PDF